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Vintage fashion sets you apart from the mass produced items of today.  Every bit of fashion is a "knockoff" of previous fashion from another era. This trend started for me in college. Since I was short on money, I mixed vintage items with modern fashions.  I wore my grandmother's rhinestone pins on my sweaters. My Dad's 1960's wool sweaters were mixed with jeans and mini skirts, creating a "new look" for myself.  Over sized sweaters (Mr. Rogers' style sweaters) over polo shirts in pastel colors with coordinating skirts and jeans was a staple . I had fun with this look because it was created by me...

High School Prom 1950's

Robin Hipps

Kitty's 1950 High School Prom       It's a been quite awhile since I posted, please forgive me.  I've been very busy,as I'm sure you all are also. Along with my wonderful vintage shop, I teach chemistry and I'm an academic advisor at a local community college.  Weekdays can be very, very full lately with the start of school.          Recently, on one of my vintage hunts, I came across two wonderful 1950 prom dresses and I started thinking about my mother's high school prom.   My mother went to the prom in 1958.  At my mother's...

The Lane Bryant Company, the First Plus Size Garment Company

The Lane Bryant Company was founded by Lena Himmelstein originally from Lithuania.  Widowed and with a young child, she worked as a dressmaker in a sweatshop in New York. Borrowing 300 dollars from her brother-in-law, she rented a small shop on fifth ave. with the money and lived in the back of the shop.   Originally, Lena, who became known as a Lane, designed custom-made maternity dresses.  One customer asked her to design a dress that she could wear in public.  This design had an elastic waistband and pleated skirt which was innovative for 1910 era.  This is said to...

1950's Look

To get a 1950's "New Look" outfit to fit correctly, the best way is to wear foundation garments. Our mothers and grandmothers wore foundation garments, such as girdles and waist cinchers or corsets on a daily basis. Most of us, including myself, were not born with a Maryln Monroe, physique.  This is why a great many of the vintage dresses of the 1950's and 1960's have such a small waist in comparison to the bust. Because, manufacturers were aware that women wore foundation garments on a regular basis. [  On go into more depth on vintage sizing in another article. Check out the blog article...

Customer Photo. Talbots Dress

My wonderful customer, Sara from the UK, purchased the Talbot's Sun Dress, retro style.  It was a gorgeous polished cotton sun dress with a back cut out with enough spandex for stretch.    The following is Sara's photo wearing her dress which says is her husband's favorite.    She left a wonderful review on the testimonial page, Check it out.