Dapper Day at Disney World

Tifni Vintage Customer Wearing 1950s Hat
It was Dapper Day at Disney World and Tifni and boyfriend Josh with Tifni's sister Sarah and friend Megan had a wonderful time.  Tifni is wearing a 1950's saucer hat that she purchased from my shop. Doesn't she look fabulous! She created her purse with her own hands.  Her handsome boyfriend is sporting a dapper bow tie that Tifni sewed. Take a look at her wonderful photos.

Tifni at Dapper Day, sporting her 1950's saucer hat.Tifni, Josh, and sister Sarah.

Tifni, Megan, and Sarah



 Dapper Day Customer Photos

Customer Tifni and Her Boyfriend Photo

My Thanks to Tifni for choosing my store to purchase her hat.  I'm so pleased she was happy with her purchase.  






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