1950's Jonathan Logan Dress

Jonathan Logan dress has classic lines. I came across this dress and it needed a lot of repair.  It is a silk embossed dress with a leaf design with angled pockets.  My mother worked hours repairing the dress.  The underarm seams were out, and the hem were out.  In addition, there are three holes, two in the front and one in the back.  All seams were repaired, and the holes were patched.  Although, the dress needed much TLC,  it still has it's original belt, and is wearable now after all of the repairs.  Once in awhile, I'll run into a dress that is worth the extra effort to try and save.  If it wasn't for my mother, who is a tailor extraordinaire, this dress couldn't have been saved. My mother worked in a textile mill and taught herself to sew in 1960 after she married my father.  She began sewing with a simple pattern, reading it and learning to understand the sewing markings.  Her mother never had a chance to help her because she became very sick with cancer and died, when my mom was nineteen.  While my mom took care of my sister, her father, and my dad, she worked 2nd shift at a textile mill and taught herself to sew.  She became an clothing inspector at the mill. Due to the training as an inspector, she can spot construction issues long before I can.  My mother's talent and knowledge is amazing.  



 Jonthan Logan 1950s Silk Dress


Background company details the Jonathan Logan company: The company was geared to younger women.  The lines were classic not trendy.  If you look at this Jonathan Logan dress, you see the classic lines. David Schwartz founded the company in 1944 with 10 employees.  The lead designers were Darris Varnum and Jeanne Carr until the late 1950's.  This particular dress is a 1950's design, showing a tailored waist and bodice and flared skirt.

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