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Robin Hipps


Saks Fifth Ave Scooter Dress

Saks Fifth Ave. has always been known as having the highest quality clothing and accessories.  Founded in 1924 after a merger between two large companies Saks and Company and Gimbels,merging two large power houses of high end men's and women's clothing in the 20's.  Adam Gimbel ran the company after the death of Horace Saks in 1926 with Adam Gimbel's wife Sofie designing clothes.

Saks high end boutique Salon Moderne, carried Sofie's designs under her name Sofie Originals and fashions from Paris by Chanel, Vionnet, Patou,  Schiaparelli, Agnes, Reboux, Callot Soeurs and Louiseboulanger.  

Through the late 1960's Saks was known for the best of designer styles and originals.  Sometime during the 70's, the designer salons were closed.  However, due to the great availability of vintage clothing these days, we can still buy the beautiful dresses from the designer salons of Saks Fifth Ave. from 1926 through 1974.   Take a look at the Saks Dress that I have here in my shop:

The following is a 1960 Scooter Dress in Cotton Brocade.



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