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Robin Hipps

Kitty's 1950 High School Prom

Kitty's Prom Dress

      It's a been quite awhile since I posted, please forgive me.  I've been very busy,as I'm sure you all are also. Along with my wonderful vintage shop, I teach chemistry and I'm an academic advisor at a local community college.  Weekdays can be very, very full lately with the start of school.  

       Recently, on one of my vintage hunts, I came across two wonderful 1950 prom dresses and I started thinking about my mother's high school prom.  

My mother went to the prom in 1958.  At my mother's high school, they didn't call it a prom, they called it a banquet.  She wore a white strapless dress decorated with many ruffles wearing a hoop underneath.   

Wasn't she gorgeous. This is my Mom at 17. She is wearing a popular style of the 1950's.  

I've been on the hunt for plus size 1950's prom dresses lately.  Here are two that I've newly posted on my website.

Vintage 1950 Periwinkle Blue Long Prom Dress     Vintage 1950 Pink Lace Plus Size Dress

1950s Fashions

Have a wonderful fall day and take a look at the new Plus Size listings. 


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