Vintage Condition

Vintage Condition:

Robins Heritage USA Vintage Clothing Condition

The following designations accompanying each vintage item describes the condition of the item.  

Vintage describes an item at least 20 years of age, and usually pre-owned and a well-loved item.

Excellent to Mint: Describes an item that is of mint condition and probably shows no sign of wear. 

Very Good + : An item that is in very good condition and is wearable.  It shows signs of wear and use.

Good: An item in good condition, may have missing stones in the case of jewelry, scratches and or 

considerable wear in the case of garments, such as small holes.  Usually, the item has been repaired, 

in the case of garments. 

Poor or As Is: An item that is in poor condition and is not suitable to be worn.  A garment in this 

condition, is usually suitable for pattern study or collectible only