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Vintage Reference Guide:

Vintage Reference Page

This is a list of website and reference books that I have used when researching age and care of vintage and antique garments and accessories.  I'll be adding to this page so it is a work in progress. My mother, Kitty Greene is my go to personal reference.  After spending fifty years sewing, and working as a garment quality control auditor in the clothing factory in the 1960's, she is a wealth of information on sewing construction and history.

My favorite reference book on antique textiles and fabrics: Vintage Fabrics Identification and Value Guide copyright 2006 Joan Reed Kiplinger, Judith Scoggin Ridley

When researching union made in USA garments, Cornell University website was a wealth of information.

Sharon's Vintage Jewelry is an excellent website and she has an excellent library reference guide regarding vintage and antique jewelry .

Vintage Fashion Guild for designer fashion labels.


For sewing, garment construction, Singer Sewing Book, The Complete Guide to Sewing Revised Edition, Jessie Hutton, Gladys Cunningham, Golden Press New York, 1972.  I prefer the older edition because it documents older fashions and construction that were trending at the time.