Green Apple and Daisy Vintage Sun Dress, 1970's Style


$ 45.95

This Fun Green Apple Long A-Line Dress has orange buttons and an open back, empire waist. There is a hidden pocket on each side. 

The Dress is from the 1960 to 1970. 

*Condition: Good +

Label: N/A

It is unclear if there dress was originally handmade, there is no label or identification. 

There is some puckering and two small holes, one near the 3rd button and the other one within 2 inches of the hem at the back of the dress.  The close up of the hole is showing the underneath side of the dress. That is the why the color of the fabric is not as sharp.  The tiny hole close to the 3rd button can be seen in the closeup of the bodice. The dress has had repairs on the collar and been resewn.  

Dress will fit modern size 2.  


Bust: 34 inches

Waist: 40 inches 

Hip: Loose.

Length: 46 3/4 inches.

*Note on Condition: The dress could be cut to remove the offending small hole at the bottom of the hem.  However, the dress will not be cut since the length would need to be determined by wearer.