Imitation Prada Pink Peony Purse, Pre-owned, Just In

Robins Heritage USA Vintage

$ 55.95 $ 78.99

Nearly New Imitation Prada Tote Purse is made of imitation leather.  The Bag was pre-owned and has had one owner.

It has brass knobs for setting the purse down on the floor.  There are two zipper sections on the side.  The zippers were excellent. 

Condition: Very good +, with a few scratches and very few marks on the nylon lining.

Cloth Label interior: Made in China

Exterior Label: Prada

Fabric: Faux Leather

Please Note: This is not a real Designer Prada bag. The lining is not marked with Prada's signature. In addition, there is no brass plate marking Prada on the interior.